Even more on e-books

News about e-books just keeps coming. This from a New York Times article today about mobile versions of Google Book Search and Amazon Kindle books:

In a move that could bolster the growing popularity of e-books, Google said Thursday that the 1.5 million public domain books it had scanned and made available free on PCs were now accessible on mobile devices like the iPhone and the T-Mobile G1.

Also Thursday, Amazon said that it was working on making the titles for its popular e-book reader, the Kindle, available on a variety of mobile phones. The company, which is expected to unveil a new version of the Kindle next week, did not say when Kindle titles would be available on mobile phones.

Interesting to see if this catches on or not. The next few years could be quite interesting in terms of the digital consumption of books (although I cannot envision putting paperbacks down).

Link via Google and Amazon to Put More Books on Cellphones – NYTimes.com.