Quick Safari 4 Thoughts

So as many have reported, written about, and tweeted Apple released a public beta of Safari 4 today. Since I primarily use Safari for web browsing this mattered a lot to me and I was excited to get my hands on it to see what the future holds. Below are some initial impressions.

First, it’s FAST. I mean significantly faster in loading pages. I don’t have facts and numbers, but loading pages is much more smooth and quick.

The new UI is interesting, and in general I’m a fan of it. The subtle changes work in my mind (but to read a more intensive look at the UI check out Sebastiaan’s post at the Cocoia Blog).

While most of the changes work for me there’s one significant one that absolutely frustrates me: the incorporation of the tab bar into the top bit of the window. With the new tab bar setup you can no longer drag a link to the tab area to create a new tab. Sounds like something small, but when you do it frequently it can be a pretty frustrating change to try and get used to. In the new version of Safari the only solution I’ve found is to drag the url onto the Safari icon in the dock. This will create a new tab, but it seems a little ridiculous to have to drag a url that far in order to open it.

Also a small gripe that is probably just a result of Safari 4 being a beta release, but while trying to link to Sebastiaan’s post above I realized that the hyperlink button in WordPress breaks Safari. The link window appears, but won’t actually allow you to do anything (even close it). Your only option is to reload the page. Hopefully that will get ironed out.

Anyway, in general I’m happy with the speed improvements and most of the UI changes and hopefully in future releases of Safari 4 Apple will make it so that a url can be dragged over the “+” icon to create a new tab. That would make a lot of sense to me and frankly seems like something that should be in there now.