Explain your commitment to public service and service to country generally

Below is a draft of an essay I’m writing for an internship this summer with the White House Communications Department. Perhaps this is using the collaboration of the medium to selfish ends (in that case sorry), but I do want to hear what you think.

My commitment to public service and my community is one that reaches back to high school. Since the many hours that I spent running youth basketball leagues and volunteering at paintball tournaments that benefited the Special Olympics I have continued to be involved in the Whitman College and greater Walla Walla communities.

This year as part of an Education course I travel out to the local high school. Here I spend three hours a week helping and observing in a classroom that has more students than chairs. While the students work on group projects and research assignments for their History of the Pacific Northwest course I am available to help the teacher by answering any questions the students may have. This experience has given me a much greater understanding of the social and economic conditions that affect students in rural agricultural areas.

Also, my work with the Whitman College Pioneer has been of a largely volunteer basis. I became the paper’s first Web Manager this semester and am responsible for the entirety of the paper’s web operations. Over the past months I have worked closely with a web developer for Whitman College to create a theme and a site that will provide the foundation for the paper’s online future. As the paper’s only web staff member I have worked by myself to develop and implement aspects of new media to further develop the paper’s ability to remain relevant in a changing online world. I have also worked to train Copy Editors and other staff members on how to use WordPress, Twitter, and Tumblr so that they can take an active role in the site’s future. Through the assumption of this leadership role I have worked hard to develop a website that works for the Whitman community and one that will provide the structure that the Pioneer needs in order to continue its proud journalistic tradition.

I see the possibility of an internship in the White House as providing a tremendous setting in which to further develop my leadership skills. I enjoy coming together with others to collaborate on issues and form ideas to solve problems within a community (whether that is local or national).