Which office would I like to work in and why?

Below is a draft of an essay I’m writing for an internship this summer with the White House Communications Department. Perhaps this is using the collaboration of the medium to selfish ends (in that case sorry), but I do want to hear what you think.

My preferred office to work in would be The White House Communications Department because I have a great interest in the development of technologies and the possibilities they bring to facilitate communication. This interest stems from much of the work that I have done while on the Whitman College campus as a lab consultant in the Multimedia Development Lab and as Web Manager for the Whitman College Pioneer, the weekly campus newspaper.

Since December I have been working as the Web Manager for the Whitman College Pioneer as we have launched a newly redesigned site. With the redesign of the site one of our principal aims was to create a place for the Whitman community to come together to discuss current issues. I have worked to redesign the comments, add forums, create a presence on Twitter, integrate link journalism via Publish2, and to involve the staff in writing on a consistent basis for our many beat blogs. Already this semester our website has provided a forum for students to discuss a controversial lecture given by Ayaan Hirsi Ali as well as the actions taken by the administration to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis.

Through my work in the Multimedia Development Lab I have made video and audio editing as well as graphic and web design accessible and understandable to students and faculty alike. By providing assistance in the use of programs like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro I have helped students to create multimedia-rich projects for classes, conferences, and internships. I have also helped faculty to create videos and presentations for their classes so that they can more effectively engage their students.

I see the potential of working in the White House Communications Department as a possibility to pursue these aspects of multimedia and communication on a much larger and more influential level. My experience in working at these jobs has shown me the amazing avenues that technology can open up in terms of communication.


Leah says:

First of all, this is a great use of the collaborative media- you’re putting it out there for us to view and comment as we will. And how cool would it be if you were blogging from the White House?

I like your discussion of the new avenues of communication implemented for the Pio website, but I’d like to hear more of your [substantial] opinions about the importance of new media in communications, particularly in the conclusion. It’s a weak end to a strong essay. Tell them why you want to work in the Office of Communications- and why that Office is so important today.

Also, dare to brag, and say the Pio won Best in Show from the APC. You rock. Tell them.

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