Bookmarks for April 22nd through April 23rd

In order to share what I’ve found to be useful/interesting/etc. while browsing around below are my links for April 22nd through April 23rd. You can find my full set of bookmarks at my Delicious account.

  • Eric Hobsbawm: Socialism has failed. Now capitalism is bankrupt. So what comes next? – Interesting piece about how the future will be something different in terms of the economy. I'm not so sure about people who claim that capitalism has utterly failed; I think it has, but I'm not sure that means it won't regenerate.
  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet – – An atrocious interview between Maureen Dowd and Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams. Throughout the whole thing Dowd comes off as antagonistic and vindictive. The closing of the interview is great though:

    Dowd: I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert, have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account. Is there anything you can say to change my mind?

    Biz Stone: Well, when you do find yourself in that position, you’re gonna want Twitter. You might want to type out the message “Help.”

  • Welcome to the New Media Campaign Tools of 2012 | Mother Jones – Interesting read about the use of technology in the Obama campaign. The link between and actual physical volunteering and organizing is particularly interesting.