Planning for the summer

So I’ve posted quite a bit recently about my plans for the summer and how they relate to web design and college news organizations. Here’s my plans for the summer in rough list of priority:

  • Work with the guys and gals at CoPress to get the Summer Web Design sessions up and running: This is something that I’m really excited about and I think it could lead to some really cool opportunities for those who get involved.
  • Create a new online identity for the Whitman Pioneer: Rework many of the aspects of our present website so that it can take advantage of what the web has to offer. A renewed focus on photography, advertising, and design elements will be my top priorities.
  • Continue to develop News Evolved and write more WordPress themes: News Evolved is far from being done in my eyes. While it’s nearly ready to deploy on a site if someone knows what they’re doing there’s a lot left to do to make it better in my eyes. Much of this requires me learning some php, so we’ll see how far along this gets. I’ve also got some ideas floating around for some more radical designs for news that I’m hoping to code in the coming months.

Those are my plans. We’ll see how far along they all get, but hopefully they’ll all be completed in just a little under 3 months.