Bookmarks for May 12th through May 15th

In order to share what I’ve found to be useful/interesting/etc. while browsing around below are my links for May 12th through May 15th. You can find my full set of bookmarks at my Delicious account.

  • Wolfram|Alpha – Amazing site that takes a totally new approach to the modern search engine. Instead of returning a list of links it returns a list of data. In the few examples that I tried it against Google it proved to be exponentially more useful. If I were Google I would be calling these guys and seeing how much they want.
  • Build an Auto-Scrolling Slideshow That Works With and Without JavaScript – Another great Nettuts tutorial for creating a sliding image slideshow that works with or without javascript. Would be perfect for part of the Pio homepage for next year.
  • Conditional Tags – WordPress Codex – The list of conditional tags in WordPress. This will be useful for customizing the display of ads in the sidebar of the new Pioneer design.