Kill IE6 but let it die slowly

Kill the internet’s 800 pound gorilla:

IE6 was fine enough for use in 2001, but for web apps to evolve and grow into tools that run just as seamlessly as desktop apps, the browser that requires the most hacks, time, and energy to make things work must be set aside. The only way at this point that people will upgrade is if their favorite web tools don’t work in IE6 and for new technologies to look forward to HTML 5, and not backwards to outdated technologies.

In short, we’re at a crossroads, and for us to get past them, IE6 must go away as a browser and as a concern for developers and users everywhere.

IE6 definitely needs to die in order for the web as a whole to progress but I think some campaigns like that on Twibbon are misplaced. Just let IE6 die a slow, quiet death by cutting support. It doesn’t need to made into a huge issue where users are feeling pressured into switching. Like Mashable says, if their favourite web apps stop working they’ll switch soon enough.