AP goes to war with search engines and blogs

Ed Morrissey writes of the AP’s idiotic plan to limit linking to their pieces:

Let’s just call it the Fast Track to AP Irrelevance.  Without a doubt, the new policy will have a chilling effect on blogs and aggregators who normally link to their content.  Unfortunately for the AP, that won’t result in an increase of revenues, but in having the entire online world ignore the AP.  The Times itself discovered this dynamic when it put its columnists behind the $50 dollar Firewall of Sanity.  Not only did the world fail to beat down their door to regain access to Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, and Bob Herbert, they also discovered that their columnists became all but invisible in the rapidly-growing and influential New Media.

This just makes no sense to me and I would love to hear how Tom Curley thinks that this actually demonstrates any remote understanding of the web. If this is how the Associated Press thinks that it is going to succeed online and even stay remotely relevant then it will die even faster than we think.