This is not a Roadmap (but it’s insightful)

It’s not a roadmap but it’s great insight into Cultured Code:

Believe it or not, we have been working on over-the-air sync since the beginning of this year. In the meantime, our goal changed from “something that works” check out our competition if you want to know what we mean by that to “a really sweet solution”. The tough challenge here is to develop a highly performance-oriented solution that works for everybody. In particular, we wanted it to work for Mac and iPhone users alike, without requiring a MobileMe account or any WebDAV disk for that matter.

The whole issue is indeed complex and interesting enough to warrant its own blog post, but suffice it here to say that we are well under way to providing the above-mentioned “really sweet solution”

This is great news to me and is the key reason why I recently switched from The Hit List back to Things. Ultimately I trust that the people behind Things will continue to advance the app at a pace and in a way that I will be happy with. My only gripe with Things is that it doesn’t support nested items, but in the scheme of things that’s a fairly small issue.