Frank Chimero on content

A stellar essay from Frank Chimero on content (as told through the metaphor of watery soup).

You ever order soup at a restaurant and get a bowl that’s mostly broth?

The problem is the register at the restaurant is four-hundred bucks under what it was the day before, and everyone is running around screaming “No one wants to buy our soup!” Then they start looking for different ways to distribute the soup. Do they buy new ladles? Would people like it if the ladles were fancier? “Let’s buy new bowls. People would enjoy the new bowls,” they say. Customers could choose the bowl that best fits their personality, or how they’re feeling that day, or whether they’re having the soup for lunch or for dinner.

Pretty fun to substitute “news” for “soup” throughout the post. Reminded me of an earlier article about news systems trying to pass off watery broth.