WordPress link blog plugin

On Kommons Ryan Sholin asked me how I created a link blog option on one of my old themes for this site. Ryan was looking for a way to redirect post permalinks to a specific URL like the Daring Fireball linked list.

I whipped up a quick WordPress plugin, unimaginatively called WP Linkblog, that will do just that. It looks for a custom field titled linkblog_url and if that exists filters the permalink to redirect to that URL.

By default the plugin filters both RSS items and the_permalink in the theme. To remove the redirection on your site just remove add_filter('post_link', 'wplinkblog_permalink')

Find the whole thing over on Github. Enjoy Ryan!


raafi says:

Thanks for this. I’ve tried other plugins in WP and they always try to do too much. What I want is just what you’ve created. Now if you could only include the link box in Just Write, you’d have solved every problem there is in blogging, ever.

Derek says:

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for putting this together.

The one question I have, and I may be a little dense, relates to the post title and the permalink of my blog.

For instance, I see that the post title links to the external site I’m trying to link to, but I can’t actually preserve the permalink on my own site.

Is this possible in the plugin?


It’s possible but involves a bit of template editing. It’s been a long while since I used the plugin myself.

It might be better to use the built-in link post format that WordPress includes. Post formats didn’t exist when I initially wrote this plugin.

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