The right way to ask users for help

I haven’t ever used MLKSHK but their appeal for people to help fund product development makes me want to contribute.

For $24 a year you get a site and service run by people who care about their community. We’re people who care about delivering a good product and who are committed to building out the site for as long as there’s a community that cares about MLKSHK. We have an amazing list of places we want to take the site but we won’t be able to do it if we can’t devote all our time to it. And to be clear, we’re not against getting money or funding from the right people; we just want to be able to do MLKSHK the right way.

Just a bit of time spent poking around the product shows that they really get it. The founders have put a lot of time, creativity, and personality into things and it shows.

There’s nothing wrong with asking your community to help support you and they’ve done it in a wonderfully thoughtful way. Great stuff.

(via Gruber)