More photos and a reading list

I’ve meant to set up a photo blog for a while now. I made a quick photo theme a while back but it was really just a dirty hack of this theme and I never got around to setting it up. This time I decided to eat my dog food and set it up on

This way I can use the iOS app even more and maybe hammer on post by email some as well. I got that set up last night so head on over and take a look.

I also have wanted to start tracking more information through my domain. I started off simple by just writing a basic reading list feature into my theme. It’s a digital bookshelf stream of sorts.

I’m hoping things like length of time reading and page count will, in aggregate, show some cool data after a year. I still have to figure out how to track length with Kindle texts though.

There are some rough edges, author and genre pages for example, but I’ll clean up the loose ends and then make it all available on the existing Github project.