Timing – Automatic time tracking for your Mac. Interesting Mac OS X app for tracking activity while working. Includes some graphs and ways of visualizing where you’re spending your day during the day.


Mark says:

Nice find – bought and am using. I use Chrome and Safari for all things Work. Couple of reasons:
1 – I don’t mix bookmark sets up
2 – When I’m in Firefox I’m not working (usually)
so this app will effectively tell me how long I spend just from those two programs. Useful 🙂

Matt linked me to http://www.rescuetime.com/ a few years ago but I never got into that. Too much work involved.

Glad to hear you find it useful Mark. I also tried to get into Rescuetime but felt like I had to spend too long adjusting things and never really saw the payoff for it.

This looks like an awesome tool. I’m using RescueTime, but I like a local app better than an external service. Thanks for posting this!

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