Mt. Adams

Last weekend Daniel, Adam, Jon, and I hiked up Mt. Adams, a 12,000+ foot glaciated peak in southern Washington.

It was one of the more physically demanding things I’ve done in my life and, even with crappy visibility on summit day, was way worth it. Adam, Jon, and myself made it to the summit but Daniel was hiking in ski boots so that didn’t work out so well. 🙂 He got a few turns in on the way down though.

We left Portland Saturday morning and started hiking around 3pm. We went up to 8200 feet and camped about 45 minutes short of the Lunch Counter. The mountain was super crowded. At times we counted 50 people just within eyesight.

Sunday morning we got an early start around 4:30am and started up for the summit. Adam, Jon, and I hit the false summit around 10am and then hit the summit about 90 minutes after that.

The way back down was considerably quicker as we glissaded down to about 9000 feet. Adam took an 8 minute-long video of the longest slide which was pretty cool.

After packing up camp we got back down to the car at 5600 feet around 5pm and then drove back to Portland.