More Marseille – Travel Log, Day 9

I spent my last day in Marseille seeing Notre-Dame de la Garde which sits on the top of the highest hill around and had some terrific views of the city. To get up there, my brother and I walked up some pretty steep, San Francisco-like streets.


The tower of Notre-Dame de la Garde is capped by a colossal statue of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus.


The interior had some amazing mosaics on the wall. It was a tremendous effect when combined with the striped stonework.



The views over the city and out to the Frioul Islands were terrific. You definitely get a sense of how Marseille is the second largest city in France.



After that I headed up to the Palais Longchamp to hang out in the park and read for a bit. Both museums were closed, one for renovation the other because it was Monday, but the park was nice.