Improve software by using it

Daniel recently moved his site to and had this to say in the comments of his announcement post:

I want to be good enough that I can sincerely recommend it to my friends and family, but in some cases has better features, flexibility, etc. There’s still work to be done; actually using our software is the best way to discover what needs to be done.

This is why every developer of a publishing tool must be a consistent and active user of the software. The best way to learn how to improve something is by using it regularly.

My site will be moving back over there hopefully next week. I just need to carve out an hour or two to customize a theme a bit and get all the content moved over properly.


I think you just one-upped me with your design. Nice work 🙂

Thanks, blog post with details coming tomorrow. There’s more on the way.

Can I steal your CSS? 🙂

[…] I mentioned yesterday about how I was moving my site to If you’re reading this post then it’s now live and my DNS has propagated. […]

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