WordPress as an app platform

One of the things Matt mentioned in the State of the Word this year was the rise of WordPress as an app platform. After that keynote many people took it as their queue to come up to the Happiness Bar and ask questions about using WordPress as the background layer for apps. The interest is definitely there.

In light of that, I enjoyed Matt Eppelsheimer’s post yesterday:

The WordPress platform essentially manages content and authentication for us, gives us frameworks to build custom UI and our own functionality, and offers extra features in the form of plugins developed by a large community. It gives us everything we need to rapidly build our own custom tools that fit our own process, style, and needs.

We’re tackling the low-hanging fruit first: We’re customizing P2 to make our internal discussions less reliant on third party limitations, and we’re building a Parking Lot for action-oriented discussions we’ve identified to iterate on the way we work.

There’s more to it as well. Rocket Lift wants to build their task and project management on top of WordPress and perhaps take on an accounting plugin. I know both of the Matt’s 1 behind Rocket Lift and am stoked to see what they come up with. Should be fun.


  1. For those counting at home, that’s 3 different Matt’s in one post. 🙂