Tiny Startup Camp

One of the great things about living in Portland is our growing startup culture. Since last October I’ve been working out of PIE and have had the chance to see some of that happening first hand.

Tiny Startup Camp takes a unique approach to creating local startups. Jason’s goal is to help 100 people start new, self-sustaining, businesses. No spending thousands of dollars on development. No playing the billion-dollar VC lottery ticket game. Just small, sustainable businesses that help people do what they love.

It’s a 2-day event: Saturday will be great conference and Sunday is a full-day workshop. The goal is to get everyone up and running with a WordPress-powered site for their business, a way for people to sign up, and some targeted ads bought to test their new idea. Pretty cool.

I’m really excited that Jason’s putting this on. If you’re in town and have been wanting to start your own business, you should go register!