Over the years I’ve used this site for a variety of posts: photos, galleries, links, short asides, and even status updates. The archives below cover my primary blog posts from the last 5 years.

You can also find posts on common topics like customer support, books, journalism, travel, and education. There are also collected session notes from a few years of Write the Docs conferences.


Nicereply Podcast Interview

When customer service succeeds (and a pause)

The Best Service Is No Service

When Snippets Aren’t Enough

Slow Follow Up

Control the Conversation

Reading Notes: March 2021

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Stormy Feature Rollouts

Match the Situation

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Avoid the Apologies

Lessons from Mayo Clinic

2020 in Review


Plan Ahead and Speed Up Email

Customer-focused Sales

Expectations of Ease

A Complaint Is a Gift

Bug Expectations

Provide Certainty

The Craft of Customer Support

The calm of rereading

2019 in books



How to lose a customer, forever


2018 in books


Thinking in bets

Support Operations Webinar

New Hampshire

Stressful customers

Replacing Instapaper with Pinboard