Feeds and Speeds for Life

Feeds and Speeds for Life. Episode 38 of Ben Thompson’s Exponent podcast. Ben and James talk about the value of opportunities, advice, and MBAs. There’s a particularly interesting segment where they talk about whether tech’s diversity problem is primarily a supply or demand side issue.

Exit & Return

Exit & Return. The first half of a two-part podcast episode about Shulem Deen, who, as a 22-year old Hasidic Jew in 1996, discovered the web through America Online. Much of the available content conflicted with Hasidic standards and ultimately led to him being expelled from the community. The second part is also available. – via Peter


Tradeoffs. Episode 36 of Ben Thompson’s Exponent podcast. I’ve been catching up on past episodes lately and this one’s really good. It focuses on the tradeoffs inherent to net neutrality considerations. If you don’t already, I’d also highly recommend subscribing to Ben’s Daily Update.

Blue Chips

Blue Chips. An oral history of the 1990s Orlando Magic; basically a narrative constructed through interviews with team members, executives, and people around the NBA. Interestingly designed as well.

Live Chat and Lean Manufacturing

Live Chat and Lean Manufacturing. My co-worker Simon ponders the similarities between live chat support and continuous-flow manufacturing. Beyond number of questions answered the piece which intrigues me is completed problem sets. In other words, define a complete customer problem set as ABCD. What percentage of live chats work through that complete set versus what percentage have the customer bail midway through? And, how does that compare to email support?


Podcatch.com. A collection of podcast feeds via friends and friends-of-friends of Dave Winer. It’s a neat idea for discovering something new to listen to. There’s more background, too, on what led to building it.