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A combination of medical, socioeconomic, and infrastructure problems put a younger demographic at greater risk of COVID-19 complications across the US South. The Atlantic surveys the slow burn of decision-making that got us here.

April 5, 2020 health

A great, clear-headed set of tips from Zapier about how to treat your computer more like a purpose-oriented tool than an always-on distraction. One of my favorite related tools on macOS is Focus for blocking certain applications and websites.

April 5, 2020 productivity, work

Fantastic blog post from a former U.S. Foreign Service Officer about their experience across 30 years of service. Helps add some worthwhile perspective to things.

March 28, 2020 health

Sometimes we get the probabilities wrong, like with the breath-born Borgesicorns. Sometimes, however, we get the opportunities for improbable events to happen wrong. Usually, narcissists that we are, we err on the side of not realizing how many chances there are every day for nutty things to happen, what with other humans being myriad & real, and not just flitting into and out of existence when we notice them.

Paul Kedrosky

March 28, 2020 thinking

This March 19th daily update from Ben Thompson is locked to those who pay for his (consistently excellent) Stratechery membership. But in it, he and Eugene Wei talk about how information retains value and the implications this has for various media and publishing companies.

March 23, 2020 media

Yes, Stoicism is partly about making it so you don’t break as easily — so you are not so fragile that the slightest change in fortune wrecks you. At the same time, it’s not about filling you with so much courage and hubris that you think you are unbreakable. Only the proud and the stupid think that is even possible.

Instead, the Stoic seeks to develop the skills — the true strength — required to deal with a cruel world.

Ryan Holiday

March 23, 2020 philosophy, stoicism

Cal Newport summarizes and links to a great post from Jeff Huang about how he organizes the work day. Huang is a computer science professor at Brown University and relies on just an annotated text file to time block his day and stay on track. I love the flexibility of simple tools like this.

March 16, 2020 productivity, work

One perspective on why corporations speak the way they do. We try to actively avoid this within Automattic and even have a public anti-glossary page about the phrases we work to cut out of our communication.

March 15, 2020 language, work

A great excerpt from Dan Heath’s new book Upstream. I’m a quarter of the way into the book as well and, so far, it’s a helpful overview of how to think of upstream solutions to chronic problems.

Downstream actions react to problems once they’ve occurred. Upstream efforts aim to prevent those problems from happening. You can answer a customer’s call and address her complaint about a missing itinerary (downstream), or you can render that call unnecessary by ensuring that she receives her itinerary up front (upstream).

Dan Heath

March 15, 2020 customer service, thinking

Craig Mod details his experience after 1 year of running a paid membership program. As a subscriber to both Roden and Ridgeline I think he’s done an excellent job with each. And one of the easier-to-overlook aspects of this recap is the prior track record Craig had in writing:

I had been publishing essays, articles, and newsletters for over a decade, building up a not-inconsiderable base of readers.

Craig Mod

February 23, 2020 newsletters