Plain is a sim­ple, respon­sive WordPress theme intended for per­sonal blog­ging. It includes sup­port for aside, gallery, image, link, quote, and sta­tus post for­mats. It’s licensed under the GPL so have fun with it. The code is on GitHub.

Minimal Stream

A minimal WordPress theme, the same that powers this site, that includes post format support, a responsive layout, and more. You can download the project from GitHub.

Just Write

A very small WordPress plugin to automatically activate the distraction-free writing mode that shipped in version 3.2. The code is hosted on GitHub.

Reading list

A WordPress plugin for tracking which books you read. It uses a custom post type for books with a custom taxonomy for authors. The project is hosted on GitHub.

Past projects

In the past I’ve also contributed to Edit Flow, created a WordPress-powered Twitter archive, and made WordPress act like a Daring Fireball-style linkblog. In college my favorite non-code project involved petitioning the Politics department at Whitman College to allow a web-only senior thesis.