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Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

The sunny weather this week continued so I drove out the old Columbia River highway with my parents. Nice views.

Great day of hiking with @simpledream and friends

Triple Falls

Took advantage of the nice weather today and hit 3 waterfalls in 5 miles through the Columbia Gorge. The aperture on that photo is off, but pictured is Triple Falls.

Mount Defiance, in the mist

Spent the first half of yesterday hiking Mount Defiance with Leah, Luke, and Luke’s sister who’s in town for the week. It was a decent day of weather in Portland but the mountain ended up surrounded by clouds and mist. Still a great hike but we missed out on what should have been great views of Mount Hood.

Hiking Devil’s Rest via Wahkeena

Got out for a great hike this morning with Daniel and Leah. Hiked about 8 miles in the gorge up to Devil’s Rest. We lucked out with weather, it only started to rain when we were within shouting distance of the car.

Elowah, Horsetail, and Oneonta Falls

Took some time-off with a friend in town to hike a few short loops in the Columbia Gorge. 3 waterfalls in just 6 miles is a pretty sweet deal. Pretty overcast day but hiking on a Friday meant that trails weren’t too crowded.