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The Case Against Sharing:

For all its troubling externalities, the sharing economy is largely heralded as a “return to the village,”…But our society is not returning to a past utopia of collective social confidence and equality because this utopia never existed. The sharing economy doesn’t build trust — it trades on cultural homogeneity and established social networks both online and in real life. Where it builds new connections, it often replicates old patterns of privileged access for some, and denial for others.

The Minimum Wage Worker Strikes Back:

The paradox of poverty is that tomorrow is unpredictable but the future never changes.

Are Jobs Obsolete?

Our problem is not that we don’t have enough stuff — it’s that we don’t have enough ways for people to work and prove that they deserve this stuff.

Douglas Rushkoff – Are Jobs Obsolete? via Daniel

Why S. & P.’s Ratings Are Substandard and Porous. Fascinating read from Nate Silver about the S. & P. and the ways in which it’s broken as a means of investment guidance.

The game theory of discovery and the birth of the free-gap

As we’ve made it easier for ideas to spread digitally, we’ve actually amplified the gap between free and paid. It turns out that there’s a huge cohort that’s just not going to pay for anything if they can possibly avoid it.

Seth Godin – The game theory of discovery and the birth of the free-gap

The Mill apartments, Ballisodare. Incredible photos of an abandoned apartment building. Each photo is contrasted with descriptions from the brochure pitching the place in 2006. (via Kevin Conboy)

Attention Economy. “If everyone has everyone’s attention the value of attention is nullified.” This is why we should save, invest, and be conscientious of the attention we give things.

Recession and homelessness: Et in Arcadia ego. Unemployment and poverty rates are rising the fastest in some unlikely places. It’s no longer cities like Detroit that are facing the largest jumps in unemployment.

Back to the Future. Peter Thiel believes education is the next bubble to pop and that college serves as a way to defer thinking about your life.

Cavaliers At Nets? Priceless (Almost). Want to treat 21 friends to an NBA game? Tonight’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and New Jersey Nets would have set you back a whole $2.42…for 22 tickets! (via Dave Winer)