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The Dirt on Editorial Calendars. Tips for making the most of editorial calendars. Ties in nicely with the updated version of Edit Flow released today. Lots of improvements to the calendar in that release.

WordCamp Seattle Slides

I posted my slides from the Edit Flow talk I gave at WordCamp Seattle the other weekend. The talk was a 5 minute Ignite presentation. It was a lot of fun condensing a plugin like Edit Flow to 5 minutes.

WordCamp Seattle

I’m driving up to Seattle early this morning for WordCamp Seattle. There’s a great set of speakers lined up for the main part of the day.

At the end I’ll be giving an Ignite talk about Edit Flow. You should catch the live stream of talks throughout the day.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and catching up with Andrew, Max, and more.

Edit Flow v0.6 is in the wild

Edit Flow v0.6 hit the plugin directory today. There are a lot of improvements in it. We’ve added features like custom editorial metadata and a new story budget view. Was a lot of fun to work on and Daniel, Scott, and Mo deserve props for their hard work.

WordCamp Philly 2010

At the end of the month I’m heading to Philadelphia to talk about how awesome Edit Flow is at WordCamp Philly. If you’ll be in the area you should come. There’s quite a list of speakers for the one day WordCamp.

If you’ll be around for a while there’s also a pretty sweet hackathon that will be in Washington D.C. that Sunday. Should be fun.

Edit Flow 0.5 is in the wild

Version 0.5 of Edit Flow was released into the wild today. The improvements almost make me wish I was in a newsroom to implement them. There’s a lot of power now packaged into the plugin.