Asia-Pacific Hiring

One of our big goals at Automattic is to cover support 24/7. Our customers span the globe and we want to always be there for them. Since we’re distributed that means we also seek to hire great people from around the world.

Hiring like that helps us be around 24/7 without necessitating graveyard hours. And right now we’re keen to hire more team members throughout Asia-Pacific.

As part of that Deborah and Pam from our hiring team will be in Australia and New Zealand next week. If you’re interested in Automattic or if you just want to chat about how we handle support you can find them in a few places.

They’ll be in Sydney March 8th and 9th, including at the local WordPress meetup. Then they’ll be in Auckland, NZ from March 10th through 12th, including at the local WordCamp. And finally they’ll be in Melbourne March 13th and 14th where they’re hosting a local event.

And if you’re in Asia-Pacific and reading this, we’re hiring.

False Negatives in hiring

The Biggest Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Mistakes:

What impact can ignoring your Anti-Hires have? Well, if you are only aware of your false positives, you’ll tighten your screening criteria until you’re convinced that there are “just no good candidates out there”. Sound familiar? But is it really true? Not likely. It’s a big world out there. It’s only by knowing who you shouldn’t have missed, overlooked, or rejected that you can fully understand what constitutes a good candidate, how to identify them, and where to find them.