The open web

I’m 22 years old and what is this.

The future open web must be easier to use than the current social web, and knowing what to do with your own data cannot be a prerequisite. We will have passive users of the web, and the web needs them. If we exclude them, we risk creating a walled garden that lacks the perspectives and experiences of different types of people.

A cause worth giving something up for


There’s lots of stuff going on right now that I’m not part of. That’s the way it goes. Me and Facebook are over. It’s going to stay that way. And if I’m on a ship that’s sinking, well I’ve had a good run, and I can afford to go down with the ship, along with people who share my values. It’s a cause, I’ve discovered, that’s worth giving something up for.

Dave Winer – Scoble: I’ll go down with the ship.

RSS keeps me alive and kickin’

Dave Winer has been on a serious win streak for the last few days. On the 4th he defined what an open web means to him. If your web has silos then it isn’t really your web is it?

Then he talked about “A tool whose only output is a set of RSS feeds.” Which sounds like a lovely loosely coupled network. That’s a tool I’d want to use and experiment with.

Finally he weaves RSS, iPads, WYSIWYG editors, and a river of news into a tale of why first impressions are sometimes the most honest but are many times blatantly wrong.

It’s all as Seth Godin says,

RSS is quiet and fast and professional and largely hype-free. Perhaps that’s why it’s not the flavor of the day.

Flavor of the day or not it’s how I consume the vast majority of my news and it alone has radically transformed my consumption of information and acquisition of knowledge. So thank you Dave Winer and all the other developers who have contributed to keeping RSS thriving. 🙂