Skydiving in San Diego

I finally got around to editing my skydiving video from our company meetup in San Diego last month. Most exhilarating experience of my life and I’d love to go again sometime.

Also, it’s pretty stellar to work somewhere that you can go sky diving with a dozen co-workers. Makes go-karting seem pretty tame in comparison.

A First Look at BankSimple

A First Look at BankSimple. This was posted back in September but I just got a chance to really watch it. Beyond the sexy interface the message is tremendous. “We shouldn’t be doing math in front of the computer. The computer ought to be doing math for us.” That’s the kind of bank I’d like to have.

Speed climbing Eiger

Insane video of Ueli Steck climbing the north face of Eiger in under 3 hours. When I worked in Yosemite I remember talking to guys next door at the mountain shop about people speed climbing El Capitan. (via Kottke)