A Follow-up on Michael Phelps

Andrew Sul­li­van appar­ently holds a sim­i­lar opin­ion to the one that I voiced ear­lier con­cern­ing the ridicu­lous­ness that is the sports media’s con­cern over Michael Phelps smok­ing pot. Sul­li­van writes that:

Yes, Michael Phelps took a few hits from a bong at a party. He also threw back a great deal of alco­hol, maybe made a few passes at a few girls and bonded with a few dudes. This is news?

And yet this absurd rit­ual takes place in which Phelps has to pre­tend he did some­thing dread­ful and we all have to tut-tut and frown and fur­row our brows, and the spon­sors cluck and the press preens — while the only con­ceiv­able news is that a 23 year-old had a good time at a party, break­ing no pro­fes­sional rules since he was not com­pet­ing when he was goof­ing off.

And, seri­ously, does any­one think that smok­ing pot would give him an unfair advan­tage in the pool? Please. When on earth are we going to grow up as a culture?

Agreed, now let’s all just let this story fade away and hope that the next time an ath­lete engages in activ­ity that thou­sands of other Amer­i­cans do every day the media (and blog­gers) don’t even notice or hear about it.