A café for work

I had an idea the other day that I wanted to share here. Maybe it already exists, in which case great! If not I think it could be a pretty suc­cess­ful service.

The idea is a ser­vice that rates cof­fee shops and lunch spots not on their food like Yelp and oth­ers, but on their suit­abil­ity for peo­ple who work from home, or col­lege stu­dents who want to get out of the library and study. Basi­cally, a way of rat­ing and index­ing loca­tions for work.

As social ser­vices expand on the web I think those that address a spe­cific prob­lem or com­mu­nity will be par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing. This would be one type of ser­vice like that.

Instead of rat­ing and index­ing places based on their ser­vice, selec­tion, or food this would rate them on fac­tors like:

  • avail­abil­ity of power outlets
  • strength and speed of wi-fi
  • the com­mu­nity of cus­tomers1
  • view of staff toward you being there for a few hours2

In other words, it’d be a place where I could imme­di­ately see the best spots around me to get of the house and go work. It’d be a great method of break­ing out of the cabin fever that can hap­pen when you work from home all the time.

If I’m over­look­ing an exist­ing ser­vice that does all this please do let me know as I’d love for some­thing like this to exist.

  1. In other words, who else works here? What type of peo­ple would I be join­ing to get my work done?
  2. No one wants to work some­where where they feel like they’re impos­ing or expected to keep buy­ing more and more to jus­tify their time.

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