Château d’If & Frioul Islands — Travel Log, Day 7

I spent my sec­ond day in Mar­seille out on a series of islands that are a 20 minute boat ride away. The first island barely fits the Château d’If that perches on top of it. The cas­tle itself is rel­a­tively basic and bare but it gives some great views back to Mar­seille and the sur­round­ing islands.

From there my brother and I headed to the nearby Frioul islands. These have a few forts on them and include a hos­pi­tal that was used for plague patients a few cen­turies ago. The water is gor­geous and we found a quiet cove to just hang out in. I got some great read­ing time in too.

After that we headed back to Mar­seille. The boat ride back had cool views of the har­bor and sur­round­ing build­ings that you don’t see from land.