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[A business unit] should be responsible for its contribution to innovation in the company’s product or service; and it should in addition strive consciously and with direction toward advancement of the art in the particular area in which it is engaged.

Peter Drucker – The Practice of Management.

But the greatest wild card of all in all the data, and the most precious piece of information for any happiness engineer hoping to solve any ticket, is the customer’s own perception of what is wrong. And the gap between what people think is wrong and what is actually wrong can be quite far indeed.

Scott Berkun – The Year Without Pants.

If you think of onboarding not as pointing out the weak parts in your interface, but instead as the holistic approach to delivering more value to more signups, then it becomes extremely clear that your onboarding experience must keep pace with the evolution of your product and the evolution of the market it serves.

User Onboarding Isn’t a Feature.

That’s what this kind of preservation work does. It gunks up our machines. It makes us rethink what we believed about our history.

Dust to Digital, assembling folk music archives of the American South.

The sharing-economy companies are not a way to temper capitalism (and its tendency to generate selfish individualists); they just allow it to function more expediently.

Authentic sharing, by Rob Horning.