Pub Rules

Pub Rules. In a follow-up of sorts to the quote I posted yes­ter­day Brent Sim­mons writes about what he would do if in charge of a pub­li­ca­tion. I think it will only be a mat­ter of time before we see some­one try this with a large-scale site. I bet that when they do they’ll sup­plant what­ever the main source is for that com­mu­nity. The trick will be stick­ing to these prin­ci­ples as the site grows and not becom­ing a bloated mess of “busi­ness opportunities.”

News sites as “Angry fruit salad on meth”

Don’t let your drive for adver­tis­ing dol­lars under­cut your purpose:

I made the mis­take of going to a web­site today. It’s under­stand­able, of course — every­body does it, from time to time — and I’m sure I’ll for­give myself, eventually.

I don’t mean just any web­site, of course, I mean a pub­li­ca­tion. A place where a busi­ness pub­lishes inter­est­ing things that I like to read.

I couldn’t hit the Reader but­ton in Safari fast enough. In fact, I couldn’t hit it at all, so stunned was I by the flick­er­ing col­or­ful cir­cus the page pre­sented. It was like angry fruit salad on meth.

Brent Sim­mons — The Pum­mel­ing Pages.

Gopher dead, blogging lives

But try to imag­ine replac­ing Dar­ing Fire­ball, Script­ing News, Apple Out­sider, Shawn Blanc, or any of a num­ber of great blogs with some­thing like Twit­ter. You can’t. You’d have to invent blogs so that these writ­ers have some­where to write.

If blogs are dead, what are we read­ing in Instapaper?

If blogs are turn­ing into places for more thought­ful writ­ing, rather than as the only place to share stuff, I think that’s awe­some. We have a more diverse, inter­est­ing, tex­tured set of web-tools than we used to. That’s good.

Brent Sim­mons — Gopher dead, blog­ging lives.