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Productivity is about your life, not just your work

Most people measure productivity in terms of work, what they’re paid to do.

I prefer a different measure.

Productivity is the measure of how effectively you get done the things you rationally, explicitly want to do (including work when necessary). Productivity is the output of the exercise of free will. This isn’t a new generalization, adherents of GTD and other productivity systems know that productivity is about your life, not just your work.

Tantek Çelik – The Acceleration of Addictiveness vs Willpower, Productivity, and Flow.

buckshot vs. rifle approaches

Many people try to do too much because they’re worried they might miss doing something that matters. They want to do everything possible, in case some of those things turn out to be important.

This is the buckshot approach. Buckshot spreads into many little pellets when it leaves the shotgun — most will miss the target, but that’s OK, because only some of the pellets need to hit. That’s fine for hunting, but for living, I’d recommend the rifle approach.

The rifle shoots a much more targeted bullet, with much more powerful impact. You aim at a specific target, and you don’t waste as much energy.

Leo Babauta – buckshot vs. rifle approaches.