One Platform to Rule Them All

What I think his vision actu­ally points out, though, is Win­dows 8′s cen­tral prob­lem: it takes no posi­tion, it has no cen­tral theme or integrity. This isn’t a vision so much as a refusal to choose between fun­da­men­tally dif­fer­ent user inter­faces. Rather, Microsoft decided to com­bine the PC’s mouse and keyboard-based user inter­face with the iPad’s touch-based inter­face and have the best of both worlds.

Kyle Bax­ter — One Plat­form to Rule Them All.

Doubling Signups

Win­dows Live Spaces has dou­bled the num­ber of monthly signups at Quite the busy last few months for us.

With the addi­tion of Win­dows Live Spaces sites mov­ing to, Win­dows Live users who are new to blog­ging com­ing here, and word-of-mouth from our cur­rent and very pas­sion­ate users, the num­ber of peo­ple join­ing has dou­bled to over 900,000 per month (up from around 400,000 per month before the migration).