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Sum Up: NY Times’ Bill Keller is an Expert on Twitter, Doesn’t Use It

I’ve heard this kind of thing a lot from traditional journalists. The idea of sharing online is truly foreign to them. Anything they say in public could be heard by the competitors! It’s at once egotistical “everything I think is so valuable I have to hoard it” and dismissive of everyone else “therefore all those people on the net sharing their thoughts must be worthless”.

The inability to see social media as anything other than a place to mine for traffic is at the core of why the traditional media doesn’t get the net, and why the net is going to replace them.

Derek Powazek – Sum Up: NY Times’ Bill Keller is an Expert on Twitter, Doesn’t Use It.

Evan Williams on blogging

But that made sense to me because it was not that the technology was new, it was that we had figured out this medium, at least one of the native forms of what the Web was good for. It was about freshness and about frequency, and it was about the democratization of media and giving power to everybody and the universal desire for personal expression and the attraction to a real, compelling personal voice.

Evan Williams – Founders at Work

Scott Berkun on information overload

Scott Berkun theorizes about information overload:

There is a notion the world is polluted with information. And that reckless publishing or creation is bad. This might be true, but that ship has sailed. We won’t be eliminating information from the world. Therefore:

Hypothesis: It doesn’t make the world any worse to add more information to it, since we can’t be/feel more overloaded than we already do.

That’s why everyone deserves the digital equivalent of a printing press. The more information the better, what I’m overloaded with someone else will cherish.