What if a lit­tle site you love doesn’t have a busi­ness model? Yell at the devel­op­ers! Explain that you are tired of good projects fold­ing and are will­ing to pay cash American dol­lar to pre­vent that from hap­pen­ing. It doesn’t take pro­hib­i­tive per-user rev­enue to put a project in the black. It just requires a num­ber greater than zero.

maciej — Don’t Be A Free User.

What mat­ters is that you get back to the basics — as my friend so elo­quently stated — and focus on reliev­ing stress. The hour away from work can greatly increase your pro­duc­tiv­ity when you come back to the office more relaxed and fresh.

Use that hour to escape. For me, the only time I can dis­con­nect my mind from my startup is when I go to the gym to play squash and to relax after the match in the steam room. Even when I’m sleep­ing, I dream of my startup, but thank­fully I was able to find my escape, and know that I can go there when I need to.

Spencer Fry - Startups: Stress and Depression.

Customers don’t patron­ize com­pa­nies on the basis of the dif­fi­culty of the code or the unit test cov­er­age per­cent­age or whether you used Bodoni instead of Times New Roman on the home page. In fact I’ve made mil­lions of dol­lars on com­pa­nies with hideously ugly web­sites and buggy code. Those things are actu­ally not the most impor­tant things. Real life is a startup con­test too.

Jason Cohen — Startup Weekend pep talk: It ain’t the code.