Skydiving in San Diego

I finally got around to edit­ing my sky­div­ing video from our com­pany meetup in San Diego last month. Most exhil­a­rat­ing expe­ri­ence of my life and I’d love to go again sometime.

Also, it’s pretty stel­lar to work some­where that you can go sky div­ing with a dozen co-workers. Makes go-karting seem pretty tame in comparison.

A First Look at BankSimple

A First Look at BankSim­ple. This was posted back in Sep­tem­ber but I just got a chance to really watch it. Beyond the sexy inter­face the mes­sage is tremen­dous. “We shouldn’t be doing math in front of the com­puter. The com­puter ought to be doing math for us.” That’s the kind of bank I’d like to have.

Speed climbing Eiger

Insane video of Ueli Steck climb­ing the north face of Eiger in under 3 hours. When I worked in Yosemite I remem­ber talk­ing to guys next door at the moun­tain shop about peo­ple speed climb­ing El Cap­i­tan. (via Kot­tke)