Margins is the twice-monthly newsletter I publish about the craft of customer support. It’s my small contribution to how we explore the edges of our expertise and I hope it helps you learn and refine your own work.

New posts are a mix of writing tips, customer service philosophy, and book recaps. Posts from the last month are below, along with a signup form.

  • Slow Follow Up
    Live chats start fast but often require follow up emails to resolve. That follow up doesn’t have to be so fast. It can happen tomorrow. This is easy to overlook. Chats ping-ping-ping and create this latent pressure to follow up rightnow. Many issues aren’t time-sensitive, though, and good follow up can take time. You shifted […]
  • Control the Conversation
    It’s difficult to feel in control of a live chat. It feels like more of a face-to-face conversation than email, with each message exchange feeling instant. This immediacy creates a close connection to a customer that can make it harder to keep a conversation productive. Bow to this immediacy and you lose control and, with […]