Margins is the twice-monthly newsletter I publish about the craft of customer support. It’s my small contribution to how we explore the edges of our expertise and I hope it helps you learn and refine your own work.

New posts are a mix of writing tips, customer service philosophy, and book recaps. Posts from the last month are below, along with a signup form.

  • Worthwhile Documentation
    Detailed support docs are not enough. If they were, our queues would be emptier. A good doc builds a customer’s confidence and helps them find clear, approachable answers. They won’t find that, though, if we don’t make documentation seem worthwhile. Any customer who contacts support is motivated to solve their problem, but that doesn’t mean […]
  • Not Everyone Contacts You
    No matter how busy the ticket queue gets, it doesn’t represent all customers. You need to create balance so that the team maintains a healthy perspective on issues.