Margins is the twice-monthly newsletter I publish about the craft of customer support. It’s my small contribution to how we explore the edges of our expertise and I hope it helps you learn and refine your own work.

New posts are a mix of writing tips, customer service philosophy, and book recaps. Posts from the last month are below, along with a signup form.

  • The Best Service Is No Service
    As hard as it is to remember, support teams need to reflect on why customers have to contact them at all. That’s often easier said than done as day-to-day pressures encourage a heads-down focus on the queue. The risk is that you might optimize for work that never needed to happen. This is why I […]
  • When Snippets Aren’t Enough
    Great customer support balances personal attention with efficiency. There are times to tailor a reply to one particular customer just as there are times to send a quick snippet and move on. What’s tough is knowing which approach to use in a given situation. I think of it as a matter of education versus process. […]