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Phone shells

Sunrise at Whistler

Cliff walk


I was in Berlin last week with all of our WooCommerce teams for their meetup. Beyond having a very productive work week I wandered around the city a little bit. View the full gallery →


Courtyard of our co-working space in Berlin, Germany.

La Purisima Mission

A few photos from visiting La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, CA last weekend. Now if only there was some way to transport the California sunshine back up to Portland.

La Purisima

Visited the mission in Lompoc, CA today.

Manzanita, Oregon

Took a quick trip this weekend out to Manzanita, Oregon. It mostly rained, but we had some nice weather Friday afternoon. It’s relaxing to get a quick change of scenery like this. View the full gallery →

Cape Town

Last month I traveled to Cape Town for work. It was a pretty quick meetup, just 4 full days, but we were able to fit in a tour of the wine country outside the city. Really beautiful land paired with fantastic food. See the full gallery →



Flying into Phoenix. Sometimes I forget how relatively compact of a city Portland is.