Managers, Developers, and the In Between. The first post in a series that looks at how to improve career path definitions for developers. Looking forward to reading the rest.

Being Customer Supportive. Great collection of practical customer support advice from Elizabeth Galle.

The Long View. Scott writes about taking the long view when it comes to changes at a job or company. The relationships you build and people you meet can help guide you through any change.

The Network Man. Enjoyed reading this New Yorker feature on Reid Hoffman a couple days ago. One section stood out to me, particularly given the rise of Slack for these kind of networks.

The keeper of your career will be not your employer but your personal network—so you’d better put a lot of effort into making it as extensive and as vital as possible.

We Hire The Best. Solid article about building better hiring processes. One of the takeaways: the later in a process you consider diversity the bigger the problem you face.

Turkle, Times, Technology, Trauma–Yet Again. Good critique of a recent New York Times essay and book review on the influence of technology in our lives. Related reading.

Working Remotely and the Virtue of Aggressive Transparency. Simon writes about the value of aggressive transparency in a distributed team. Great structure for thinking about expertise and performance at work.

The Startup Guide to 1-on-1s. Nice overview of how to think about one-on-one chats in a growing company. Includes a bit about how to do them effectively and an overview of questions that can help prompt conversation.

Talk-to-Think, Think-to-Talk, And Leadership. Two-pronged framework for thinking about communication styles within a team or company. The post is a helpful overview and set of ideas without being dogmatic about the two models.

Feeds and Speeds for Life. Episode 38 of Ben Thompson’s Exponent podcast. Ben and James talk about the value of opportunities, advice, and MBAs. There’s a particularly interesting segment where they talk about whether tech’s diversity problem is primarily a supply or demand side issue.