More photos and a reading list

I’ve meant to set up a photo blog for a while now. I made a quick photo theme a while back but it was really just a dirty hack of this theme and I never got around to set­ting it up. This time I decided to eat my dog food and set it up on

This way I can use the iOS app even more and maybe ham­mer on post by email some as well. I got that set up last night so head on over and take a look.

I also have wanted to start track­ing more infor­ma­tion through my domain. I started off sim­ple by just writ­ing a basic read­ing list fea­ture into my theme. It’s a dig­i­tal book­shelf stream of sorts.

I’m hop­ing things like length of time read­ing and page count will, in aggre­gate, show some cool data after a year. I still have to fig­ure out how to track length with Kin­dle texts though.

There are some rough edges, author and genre pages for exam­ple, but I’ll clean up the loose ends and then make it all avail­able on the exist­ing Github project.