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The Strongest Man in the World:

In the past five years, Shaw has added more than a hundred pounds to the svelte three hundred that he weighed at his first contest. “It gets old, it really does,” he said. “Sometimes you’re not hungry, but you have to eat anyway. Training is easy compared to that.” Pudzianowski once told an interviewer that his typical breakfast consisted of ten eggs and two to three pounds of bacon. “Between meals, I eat lots of candy,” he said.

The article is full of things that make you wonder how in the world someone can do that.

One of the great things about being able to work from home is not having to leave the house when you’re feeling a bit sick. I’ll be back soon, PIE. :)

What matters is that you get back to the basics — as my friend so eloquently stated — and focus on relieving stress. The hour away from work can greatly increase your productivity when you come back to the office more relaxed and fresh.

Use that hour to escape. For me, the only time I can disconnect my mind from my startup is when I go to the gym to play squash and to relax after the match in the steam room. Even when I’m sleeping, I dream of my startup, but thankfully I was able to find my escape, and know that I can go there when I need to.

Spencer Fry – Startups: Stress and Depression.

Snooze or Lose. What happens when kids consistently lose an hour of sleep? One study showed that “A loss of one hour of sleep is equivalent to [the loss of] two years of cognitive maturation and development.” Crazy. (via Andrea Middleton)

Chalk this up as something I never realized: moving causes you to walk a ton. Fitbit tells me I walked over 9 miles and 22,000 steps last Saturday! All while just moving boxes and furniture in and out of a U-Haul. Dang.