The New Whitman Pioneer

This semester I became the Web Manger for the Whitman Pioneer, the student run newspaper on campus. In the Fall the paper launched with a new print template designed by Andrew Witherspoon and before the first issue went to press for the second semester the Pioneer paid to have its website redesigned largely from the ground up. The results went live today with the first week’s content.

While the design is not quite done (there will be some modifications to the sidebar, category, and search pages) it is largely finished. Hopefully this will help to push the Pioneer forward into a new year and into a new medium for journalism. This design allows us far more flexibility for adding content; we are actually in the process of adding such things as photo galleries, blogs, video, etc. For now you can view the new design and read through this week’s articles. You can also find the new Whitman Pioneer on Twitter where updates will be pushed out concerning the site as well as perhaps some news that may not make it into the print edition. Check out the design and fire away in comments or on the site; we’d love to hear what you think of it.

Read more about the Pioneer at the About page and on the CoPress wiki.