Bookmarks for April 20th through April 21st

In order to share what I’ve found to be useful/interesting/etc. while browsing around below are my links for April 20th through April 21st. You can find my full set of bookmarks at my Delicious account.

  • Design Considerations for Touch UI ~ Authentic Boredom – An interesting post with a video and a link to an article about what must change design-wise when we start seeing touch-based devices truly coming to dominate the realm of computers. The whole notion of having a computer based off of touch-based gestures is fascinating and I think that at some point it will become reality. I think that the adoption of the iPhone and other devices has shown that people are willing to put down their physical keyboards and mice.
  • Create Vimeo-like top navigation – A tutorial for creating a navigation menu ala Vimeo. Interesting in the way that it could conserve space. Might now work that well for a large news site, but it may be useful for blog pages or for article pages.
  • Coming Home to Rwanda – An interesting article from Michael Abramowitz at the Atlantic about the recent efforts between Rwanda and The Congo to work together to bring refugees from the 1994 genocide in Rwanda home.