Bookmarks for May 10th

In order to share what I’ve found to be useful/interesting/etc. while browsing around below are my links for May 10th. You can find my full set of bookmarks at my Delicious account.

  • The end of the age of free – Simply because large media corps. like Murdoch are adopting a pay model doesn't mean that they will remain the large media corps. Those who can make free work will come to dominate. My two cents at least.
  • Your brain is an index. – All the more reason for moving the education system away from detailed and isolated fields of study. Convergence and inter-disciplinary thought is what's needed and that's not a bad thing.
  • A List Apart: Articles – Taking the Guesswork Out of Design – Very interesting concepts from A List Apart concerning planning a user experience and design for a website. Their idea about assigning point values to page elements is a good one. Good to have in mind while working on stuff for the Whitman Pioneer.