11 days with 22 litres

I’m headed to Spain this morning to hang out with Cam who’s spending 6 months working in Lasarte-Oria. From there I’m headed east to Marseille to see my brother who’s studying abroad.

Should be a great 11 day trip. I decided to go super light so I’m all packed up into a 22 litre day pack. At first I had a small canvas bag as well since Cam was craving some Adam’s peanut butter. Sadly, it turns out TSA doesn’t like a large glass jar of peanut butter so that didn’t make it past security.


Aaron says:

I hope you have a great trip; I look forward to photos!

What was your pack list, and what’d you have to cut out?

My pack list was pretty basic:

Two shirts
1 pair of shorts
2 pair of boxers
MacBook Air
Nikon D3000

Plus what I was wearing in the airport. So I brought almost more electronics than clothes. 🙂

Surprisingly I didn’t feel that I had to cut anything out. I packed all that I had planned and wanted to bring. Would have been nice to fit another shirt but I can do laundry easily enough.

I miss Marseille. 🙂

There are some “American” stores over there, at least there was one in Aix that I frequented when I craved Dr Pepper and Oreos. They probably don’t have that exact brand of peanut butter, though …

Have fun, and be safe!

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