I think I’ve finally settled in to an ideal flow with my digital tools. Things,, Basecamp, and nvALT/Simplenote are my happy places. It’s been a while since I’ve gone so long without tweaking something.


Jenia says:

I’m curious about the details, if you don’t mind sharing. So, no email in the browser, only? What is Basecamp for — how do you decide what goes into Things and what lives in Basecamp? Are you somehow syncing nvALT and Simplenote, or are they for different things?

Sure. No email in the browser at all for me. I can’t stand Gmail’s web interface and I find it to be a huge productivity killer to have the habit of loading my email in a browser tab. In I can set it to only check every hour and quit the application entirely if I want.

Basecamp is for all hiring-related discussions. Things is for all my personal tasks. So anything relating to day-to-day or longer term projects. It’s also where I keep the tasks related to hiring.

nvALT and Simplenote work together like chocolate and peanut butter. Basically nvALT is a Mac-native notes application that uses Simplenote as its syncing engine. I then use Simplenote on my iPhone and iPad to work on things there.

Dan MacLeod says:

Big fan of nvAlt, which I had not seen until I read your post. Made me switch back from Evernote.

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